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Your Pov

    "Get up," a voice stated above me. I groggily rolled over to face the voice. Germany.
    "Why do I need to get up?" He didn't answer, he grabbed my arm and pulled me downstairs pushing me into a chair. He placed a plate with toast, sausage, and scrambled eggs down in front of me. I looked up expectantly at him. 'Is he trying to trick me? Lure me into a false sense of security? Maybe there is drugs in it... no what would be the point in that?' Germany's voice broke through my thoughts.
    "It's not drugged or poisoned, if you vere vondering. You need to eat. I've decided since you are staying here, you should do some vork. So from here on out every morning you vill get up at 5 and make everyone breakfast, you vill zhen get dressed and come train with us, you vill return 2 hours earlier than us and do these chores," he stated, handing me a list, "and if you try running avay or poisoning our food... Vell, I don't zhink you vant to know vhat vill happen." I paled as he finished. I wouldn't be surprised that he would punish me if I did that. Germany, England, and Russia are known for practically inventing torture. I looked down at the list in my hands. 'Clean the dishes, wash the clothes, make lunch, dust, make up everyone's room, get groceries (Have to be done with Germany), and make dinner. Doesn't sound too bad. But I'm not to sure about this waking up at 6 and training,' I grumbled in my head.
    "Ragazza! So Germany is-a letting you come-a out of the room! Wow, I didn't think he-a would! Are you going to-a come train with us? It's always so-a boring training, but training with-a you would be so-a much fun!" Italy exclaimed, continuing to talk about something else. Japan walked in next looking ready as ever for they day as usual.
    "Hai. It is nice to know another person is joining us for training. The days do tend to get as Itary-kun says 'boring'," Japan said in his monotone voice, "And now that I think about it. We don't even know your name." Everyone in the room, excluding Japan, sweat-dropped a little.
    "Si, ragazza, what is-a your name?" 'Should I tell them a fake name? Well, I should defiantly tell them a different last name. They can't know I'm related to Alfred.'
   "It's [First Name] [Fake Last Name]."
   "That's-a pretty name!"
   "Enough of the chit-chatting and get ready for training [Name] and Italy." Italy saluted, replying with a cheery 'okay~!'

~Time-skip Brought to You by Japan's Cute Accent~

    "Start with 20 laps and then proceed to 50 push ups!"
    "But-a Germany-"
    "NEIN, now get going!" I started jogging at a good pace to where I was jogging with Japan. He was a great person to let your emotions out to and also a person that is nice to just think without being interrupted.
    "Are you okay [Name]-san?" Japan's voice called out to me.
    "Huh? Oh, yes, I'm fine. Just thinking," I replied with a small closed-eyed smile. Japan nodded and looked away a little and I could have sworn I saw a blush and heard him whisper 'kawaii'.
    We continued with training and I was a little worn out by the 12th lap. I had been reduced to Italy's speed. Yeah, that's how bad it was. I looked ahead of me to see Germany jogging looking like he was having no trouble at all with the laps. 'Hmph. Him and his 'perfect soldier-ness.' I mean he is like an actual Captain America for crying out load! No one can be that fit!'
    After we had jogged the laps we moved on to the push ups.
    "After you are done vith zhe push ups [Name] go back to zhe house and start your chores," Germany stated firmly. 'Aye-aye captain!' I thought sarcastically to myslef, rolling my eyes a little. "I said, 'after you are done vith zhe push ups [Name] go back to zhe house and start your chores,'" Germany repeated. I realized what he wanted me to say.
    "Yes, sir," I replied gritting my teeth a little.
    After I was done, I walked back to Germany's house. He had repeated his warning from this morning about running away. I wasn't going to run away... yet. I already had Italy's and Japan's trust and after a little while Germany will let his guard down. That will be the time I run. I got inside and picked up my list. 'Hmmm. I guess I'll just go in order.' I got started and finished with the first two chores, next was to make lunch. 'What should I make? Hmmm. Well there is a lot of pasta stuff here,' I thought, looking into the pantry. I then saw a rice container and that gave me an idea.


    "Hey Japan, I was wondering what 'onigiri' was. I had read about it somewhere and became curious.
    "Oh, onigiri is what Americans wourd carr rice barrs. It is rice shaped in a triangular or oval shape, with a sweet or sour meat inside, and is sometimes wrapped with seaweed."
    "Huh. Is it kinda like sushi? Because I've had sushi before and it's good." (If you haven't had sushi, you should try it, it's really good. If your allergic to it somehow... well sorry. :/ )
    "Hai. It is basicarry just bigger sushi."


    'I should make that! It looks like Italy usually makes food, so they must eat pasta a lot. A change in food might be good!' I carefully went through the steps I had asked Japan about earlier, when I heard the door open.
    "I-a wonder what [Name] made! I-a wonder if she-a made pasta~!" Italy was about to open the door to the kitchen, when I blocked it.
    "No you don't! It's a surprise, now go sit down, I'm almost done." Germany looked at me suspiciously, but followed my orders and sat down. I went and finished up the onigiri and got drinks for everyone.
    "Ta-da~!" I yelled placing the food on the table for everyone, including myself.
    "What-a is it?"
    "Ja, vhat is it?"
    "It's onigiri. It's a traditionar food in my country," Japan replied for me. "Arigato, for the meal, [Name]-chan." I noticed he called me -chan instead of -san. I smiled a little at the change in suffix.
    "It's nothing really!" I picked up mine and took a bite. 'It turned out really well! Yay!' I silently cheered in my head. Italy picked his up and took a bite.
    "Wow~! This is-a really good! Almost as good as pasta!" Germany still looked at it suspicouslly, but picked it up and took a bite as well.
    "Ja, it's pretty good," he muttered. I lowered my head, for some reason how he said that made me feel bad. 'No! He is still and enemy of my brother and I promised to be loyal to him!' I looked over to Germany, 'but he can't be that bad if he gave me food, shelter, and hasn't hit me. He has been really decent to me. *sigh*'

    'How can this get any worse?'
Hey! Here's the next part... don't know what to say, so have a nice day! OHHH that rhymes!

Squall Yayz 

Bold: Me talking

'Italics with apostrophes': Character thoughts

Italics by themselves: Different language


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(P.s. I do NOT own Hetalia or you)

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"What chu said Japan?"
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"What the hell is zhis!?"
Me:"Its kawaii..."
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Next one up :)
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