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    'So, like, dude! You really need to come to my party!'
    'Because I said so [Name]! If you don't come, I'll come and drag you here.' I sweat-dropped a little.
    "That won't be necessary Alfred."
    'Good! See you at 9:00 [Name]!' I sighed as Alfred hung up. Ever since that day I had bumped into, we had became good friends. He wanted to introduce me to his 'friends of many different nationalities,' Alfred had said. I looked at the clock, '2:00... I still have a while. It will take about 45 minutes to get to Alfred's.' I went and got my outfit on, a [Favorite Country Flag] shirt, black skinny jeans that were easy to move in, matching [Favorite Country Flag] shoes, and a black army jacket. I held the jacket close to me. It used to be my dad's, but he passed away a while ago in battle. They had a ceremony for him and I was given his jacket and dog tags. I put the jacket and tags on, I really missed him, and I never went ANYWHERE without the dog tags. I went to go do my hair, just simply [Favorite Casual Hair-style].
    'Only 3:21.' I went to go [Favorite Time Passer (Watch TV, Read, etc.)]. I looked back up at the time: 7:12. I sighed, this was taking forever. 'I could always go earlier, to help out. I know Alfred wouldn't mind, him being so lazy.' I got up and got something small to eat and walked out to my car, a [Favorite Color] [Favorite Car Type]. (Sorry, but I know NOTHING about cars, so... knock yourselves out :) ) I got into my car and started driving to Alfred's. I turned the radio on and the song 'Umbrella' by Rihanna. I [Liked/ Don't Like] this song and waited for it to end, when it did my favorite song, [Favorite Song] by [Artist], came on. I smiled and sung along to the lyrics.
    After 45-50 minutes of singing along to songs on the radio I made it to Alfred's place. I looked over to the clock, '8:13.' I walked up to the door and knocked, the door swung open to reveal Arthur.
    "Arthur? What are you doing here?"
    "The bloody wanker tricked me into coming over to help him set up his party."
    "Wow, I didn't know you were so gullible," I giggled. Arthur and I were pretty good friends. Alfred had introduced me to him a little after I had met Alfred. We would tease each other, and I would help him cook while he taught me how to play the guitar. I had no idea he could play, until I walked in on him practicing. He said that he had gone through this 'punk' stage in life and learned how to play guitar. And I figured out why his scones always tasted bad! Instead of him putting in a cup of sugar, he put in a cup of SALT!
    "Whatever. What are you doing here early, love," Arthur asked, breaking me from my thoughts.
    "I had nothing to do, so I thought, 'what the heck'? I was pretty sure Alfred needed help, him being so lazy on stuff." I walked inside to see party stuff set up all over the place. "Where's Al?"
    "In the basement getting some more stuff."
    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Arthur and I covered our ears as Alfred came shooting up from the basement and practically knocked me to the ground in a glomp. "OH MY GOSH, DUDES! THERE WAS THESE CREEPY MONSTERS DOWN THERE AND EVERYTHING! AND- Oh hey [Name]!" Alfred let go of me as a big goofy smile came to his face.
    "What have I told you you idiot! There are no such things as monsters!" Arthur yelled at Alfred.
    "Well why don't you go look for yourself!" Alfred yelled back, content on not going back into the basement.
    "Fine!" Arthur walked over to the open door and walked down the steps. Picking up the flashlight Alfred dropped, he looked around the open area. "There's nothing down here like I-I-I-I-"
    "Arthur? What's wrong?" I called down to him.
    "MONSTER!" Arthur shouted and came barreling up the stairs. I looked down the steps to see a pale face, with glasses, blonde hair, soft blue eyes, and- wait. Soft blue eyes? I took a closer look and realized... it was Mathew!
    "Matt! Are you okay?!" I called worriedly, running to help him up the stairs. "What happened?! Why were you down there?!"
    "I was help Alfred get party decorations earlier, when he left to go get the door. But on his way out the door got closed and locked. I've been down here since 3:00."
    "Oh my gosh! Alllllllfreeeeeeedddddd!" I shouted, completely annoyed with the fact that he had left his own BROTHER down in the basement for FIVE FRICKEN HOURS! And when I was mad, people said I was scarier then Natalia glaring at someone to get away from her brother... Whoever Natalia was anyways. I helped Mathew sit down as Arthur go him something to eat and drink from the party food. I stormed over to Alfred to give him a what-for.


    People I didn't recognize were walking through the door. Some tall, others shorter, blonde hair, brown hair, white hair. Just some many people and Alfred said that there is almost one person from every country! I walked around until I bumped into a man. He turned to me with sharp, icy-blue eyes.
    "I-I'm sorry s-sir! I didn't mean to!" I said quickly. He intense gaze lessened as he looked me over. (Not pervertedly! Don't be that way people!)
    "It's fine. I've had vorse," the man answered in a thick German accent.
    ", what's your name?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence between us.
    "Ludvig Beilshimdt... And you?"
    "Oh, uh, [First Name] [Last Name]." Ludwig nodded and looked away.
    "I have to go," he muttered.
    "Oh, um, okay," but Ludwig had already walked away. 'Gosh [Name]! What the hack was that?! You've never had trouble talking with guys before!' A hand grabbed my arm and yanked me forward. I looked up to Alfred, him wearing that same idiotic grin.
    "I want you to meet some people [Name]!" He exclaimed happily. He went and introduced me to a bunch of people. Most of them being males, with the occasional female here and there. I got several hello's in many different languages. Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, Austrian, Hungarian, Polish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and many more! There really was at least one person from every country here! I was talking with a cheery Italian and Spaniard named Feliciano and Antonio. When Alfred's voice yelled over everyone else's.
    "Okay dudes and dudettes! Get in a circle and put something in this hat!" 'No, no, no, no! Not this game!' I was pulled into the circle by Antonio as male's put an item of their's into the hat Alfred had found. "And since [Name] doesn't know everyone yet, she will go first!" Alfred yelled pushing the hat in front of me. I blushed, but nevertheless, I stuck my hand into the hat. My hand ran over different items, some soft, others hard, some slightly sharp. I took in a breath and pulled out...
Hey! I decided to do one of these to finally do it! So I will take country request but I WILL definitely have the countries listed below:

Part 1:                                                       Part 2:

Allies:                                                         Allies:

America:                 America:

Russia:                   Russia:

France:                                             France:

England:               England:                     (P.s. this one has a plot mix up...sorry :P I'm too lazy to fix it)

Canada:               Canada:

China:                                               China:

Axis:                                                           Axis:

Italy:                     Italy:

Germany:             Germany:

Japan:                   Japan:

Baltic States:                                             Baltic States:

Lithuania:            Lithuania:

Estonia:              Estonia:

(Maybe) Latvia:                                Latvia:

Nordics:                                                     Nordics:

Denmark:                                         Denmark:

Sweden:              Sweden:

Norway:                                           Norway:

Finland:                                            Finland:

Iceland:                                           Iceland:

Nyo!:                                                          Nyo!:

Belarus:              Belarus:

Ukraine:                                           Ukraine:

(Maybe) Hungary:                            Hungary:

Others:                                                      Others:

Prussia:                Prussia:

Spain:                  Spain:

Romano:            Romano:

Austria:                                           Austria:

Older!Sealand:                               Older!Sealand:

Greece:                                           Greece:

Poland:               Poland:

Turkey:                                            Turkey:

Netherlands:       Netherlands:

I will try to get one country written a day. :)

I do NOT own Hetalia OR you.
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