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    I was already uninterested in this game and Alfred had to force me to play. I was planning to get some work done at home, but no I had to come to Alfred's party.
    "You gonna pick one, dudette?" I gave him an unamused look before drawing an item from the hat. It was an old bullet shell. The gold shelling to it was faded to a silver and it was slightly bent in certain places.
    "I told you I didn't vant to play zhis game Gilbert."
    "Too bad!" An albino man was pushing a blonde into the closet. 'Isn't that the guy I met earlier?'
    "In you go!" Alfred pushed me in to the closet, I not noticing that he had pulled me from my spot anyways.


    "Hello." I jumped a little, not expecting the man to be so close.
    "Uh, your Luddd-"
    "Ludwig, that was what I was going to say. Definitely..." It went silent. 'God, that was so embarrassing! I can't believe I forgot his name.'
    "...I noticed zhe dog tags around your neck, though you don't look like zhe type to be in the army. Vas it a family member's?" I tensed at Ludwig question. I turned my face to the ground, letting my bangs cover my eyes. "Well-"
    "I don't want to talk about it," I said quickly, cutting him off rudely.


    "Well seven minutes are up, guys!" I pushed past Alfred as he opened the the door. He stared after me and called my name worriedly. I didn't answer, I just walked up to the mini bar Alfred had set up and ordered a drink.

    After awhile a lot of people were starting to get drunk, so I decided to head home before something bad happened.
    "[Name]!" I turned and saw Elizaveta dragging the albino man from before. "I was wondering if I could barrow your car. Gilbert got drunk and I don't trust him to go home alone without getting arrested."
    "...Um, sure. As long as you bring it back."
    "Thanks, [Name]," she huffed back, taking my keys and heading to my car. 'I guess I'll just walk. It will be good to burn off some of the food I ate here.' I headed out, pulling my jacket close to shield myself from the cold night. I walked quietly before there was a tap on my shoulder. Turning around hesitantly, on guard in case the person was going to try something, I saw Ludwig there.
    "You shouldn't valk alone at night."
    "...Your point?"
    "May I accompany you to your house?"
    Taking a slightly breath, I replied back grudgingly, "sure, knock yourself out." He looked at me confusedly and I realized that other countries didn't have the same metaphors. "American metaphor." He nodded and turned back ahead, following me to my house.
    It was quiet for sometime before I decided to speak up, not being able to take the uncomfortable silence in the air.
    "It's my dad's."
    "You asked whose dog tags these are. They're my dad's."
    "...Did somezhing happen to him? I mean, if you don't mind me asking." I hesitated. I hadn't talked to someone about his death. Yeah, a lot of people knew about it, but they knew that I deal with emotional things different than other people. I tend to lock the emotions inside of myself, to not put the burden on someone else's shoulders. To not put the burden of cheering me up on their shoulders. So, people left me alone about it and acted like their normal self's, but still respecting my dad's death.
    "He...He died in battle. This and this jacket was the only things they let me have of his." Ludwig nodded in understanding.
    "You know, you never gave my bullet shell back." I raised my eyebrow, but handed it back nonetheless.
    "Is it important to you?" He sighed a little, but told me.
    "This bullet came from a friend. He saved my life, but payed his in return for death losing me."
    "So, someone was going kill you, by shooting you I'm guessing, but your friend came and shot the other guy, but got shot himself?"
    "Wow. I think he deserves the Medal of Honor for that."
    "Medal of Honor?"
    "Yeah, it's something the American army does. It started during the Civil War for Marines, but then the army made it's own. It's a medal for a soldier that did above and beyond of the call of duty. Though, most of the people are dead when they receive it."
    "I respect you for zhinking that he deserves zhat much of an honor."
    "Well, this is my house." I stepped onto the porch and looked back at Ludwig. "Thanks. For listening to my story, I mean."
    "Thank you for listening to mine." He turned to leave.
    "Uh, wait!" I reached into the pockets of my jacket, searching for the pen I always kept there just in case. "Give me your hand." He stuck his hand out as he watched me. I wrote my number down the best I could on the back of his hand. I looked up and bit my lip. 'Aw, what the heck.' I then stood on my tip-toes, grabbing onto the front of his shirt and pulled him in. Pressing my lips to his, I kept my eyes closed, firstly out of instinct and secondly out of embarrassment. Letting go I ran inside saying 'good night'.
    Ludwig blinked as he stared at the door, the faintest of blush on his cheeks. He turned and walked home, looking down at the number scrawled onto his hand. He smiled lightly, just slightly glad that Gilbert had forced him to this party.

Ich liebe dich.
(I love you.)
Here we go! Or you go. Or.... WHATEVER. Anyways, enjoy! Smiley Face. :)

I don't Hetalia or you.

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All-Mah-Ships Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016
Ich liebe dich... GILBERT!!!! Lol. I'm such a troll. Ich liebe dich, auch, Ludvig.
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Well, don't worry. It wasn't Italy, just-...think of someone else! I guess... I donno...
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Ich liebe auch, Ludwig.

Great story.
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It's Ic leibe dich auch, thank you very much
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yay!! *fangirls* my baby!!!
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