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There was a time
I used to look into my father's eyes.
In a happy home
I was a king, I had a golden throne.


          I was always the good kid that kept things right around the house. Unlike mein big bruder, Gilbert.

          "But vhy does he get to stay up late?!"

          "Because he finished training and his chores are done!"


          "Nein! Now go to bed Gilbert!" That was the end of the conversation. I heard stomping and a door slam, I cringed a little. Ever since Gilbert turned 14, he and Vati had been arguing a lot. They fix it up later, though. I guess his whole 'rebel' attitude came from being a teenager. That's what I've heard anyways... It's always been Vati, Gilbert, and I. Although, Vati is not our real father, he is just the one that has been taking care of us. He's really are grandfather, Alaric [1]. My mother had died giving birth to me and my father died when I was 5 protecting me and Gilbert. Gilbert took us to grandfather's cabin and he took care of us as if we were his own. We still love grandfather like a father, even if he isn't our real father.

Those days are gone,
Now the memory's on the wall.
I hear the songs
From the places where I was born.


          I looked over at the picture on my desk. It was a picture of Vati, Gilbert, and I. I had turned 12, and Gilbert 16, when Vati had gotten sick and passed away. Gilbert had gotten a job and was supporting us the best he could. When Vati died, it was sort of a wake-up call for him. He was a little more serious, though he tried not to show it around me. He always kept up the act of the stupid, fun-loving, big brother.

Upon a hill across a blue lake,
That's where I had my first heartbreak.
I still remember how it all changed.

My father said,
"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.
See heaven's got a plan for you.
Don't you worry, don't you worry now."

"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.
See heaven's got a plan for you.
Don't you worry, don't you worry now."

          I was 15 now and Gilbert was 19. He stilled lived with me, wanting to make sure I finished school and gotten on okay. Though, I worry about him, he decided to skip college just for my sake. I had met a girl in school who had helped me around the school. She was beautiful. She had long, black hair and forest green eyes. She had become my first friend in the new school. All my old friends from middle school had dropped me like a bad habit.

          I was going to tell her today. Tell her I love her. I asked her to meet up at our lake. We had found it a while back and made it our meeting place.

          "Max, I've been vanting to tell you somezhing for avhile now," I began, taking hold of both of her hands as I looked into her eyes.

          "What is it Ludwig? You can tell me anything," she replied with a smile. Oh, that smile, I love it. It brightens my day.

          "Max, I-I, I-um," I sighed a little, 'it's now or never.’ "Max, I love you!"

          Silence. It was deafening.

          "Ludwig, I-I, I'm sorry... I just like you as a friend.

          That was the day I learned how much it hurt to be rejected by someone you love. I had walked home alone, telling Max that it was okay that she didn't return my feelings, that I had understood.

          "Hey, little bruder!" I heard Gilbert yell as he saw me walk through the door. His face fell when he saw the look on my face. "Vhat happen, Ludvig?" These are the times Gilbert could get so serious, it was like he was a different person.

          "Nozhing," I mumbled back, heading upstairs.

          "She rejected you, didn't she," Gilbert's voice answered. I froze. How did he know? Gilbert sighed from behind me. He came over and pulled me to the couch. I looked at Gilbert with tears ready to fall. "It's okay to cry Ludvig, I von't judge you, you don't alvays have to be zhe brave soldier." That was it, the tears overflowed and fell down my cheeks. Gilbert wrapped his arms around me and I did the same, embracing the comforting gesture. "Don't vorry Ludvig, certain zhings happen in our lives, but zhat's because heaven has a plan for you. You'll be okay, you'll find zhe one. I know it."

There was a time
I met a girl of a different kind.
We ruled the world,
I thought I'd never lose her out of sight.
We were so young,
I think of her now and then.
I still hear the songs
Reminding me of a friend.

          I was now 17 and Max and I had stayed great friends. We were walking from school to the park, while Max softly hummed the tune to her favorite song, Never to Late by Three Days Grace. We went to turn the corner when something fast slammed into me and sent me to the ground. I grunted from the unexpected impact and I heard a small yelp from the thing that hit me.

          "Oh my gosh! Are you okay sir?!" A panicked voice said. I looked up to see that the person that hit me had already got up and was hold out their hand to help me up.

          "Ja, I'm fine," I replied, taking their hand. An unexpected yank brought me to my feet. I looked at the person who had crashed into me. It was a girl with [Hair Length] [Hair Color] hair and [Eye Color] eyes. My eyes widened at the beauty of the girl (That is technically an indirect compliment from me... your welcome.). 'Zhis girl is really strong, she pulled me up vithout any help... she is also really pretty.'

          "Again, I am SO sorry, I really didn't mean to knock you down I was just trying to get home."

          "Nein, It's fine, I've had vorse before." The girl sighed a little.

          "Well, what's your name stranger?"

          "Huh? Oh, Ludvig Beilschmidt."

          "Nice name. Mine's [Name]."


          [Name] and I hit it off and we started dating. Max supported me 100%, saying she knew I would find the one. Although, I decided I wanted to enroll into the army, since Gilbert had gotten sick lately and it was hard to support both of us with the little money we had. If I went into the army, the army would pay the expenses for Gilbert's medicine. [Name] and Max had promised to take care of Gilbert while I was gone. [Name] had given me a picture of Max, Gilbert, her, and I all together. Then I was off, Max was comforting [Name] as she cried and Gilbert gave a small salute while smiling at me from his wheel chair.

Upon a hill across a blue lake,
That's where I had my first heartbreak.
I still remember how it all changed.

My father said,
"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.
See heaven's got a plan for you.
Don't you worry, don't you worry now."

Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, oh, oh!

          I had gotten back from the army today and I was going to surprise [Name]. I had called Gilbert earlier, he had said that Max and [Name] had took care of him well and that he was better (and not without a few whacks here and there when Gilbert was being stupid). Gilbert had also got a girlfriend. She was a Hungarian women by the name, Elizaveta Hédérváry [2]. I told Gilbert about the plan to surprise [Name] and Max had agreed to help with. Now all I was waiting for was [Name]. I heard three people walking and talking.

          "Come on guys, please?"

          "No! You just have to trust us [Name]!"

          "I trust you Max, but not Gilbert."


          "Makes sense." Max, Gilbert, and [Name] came into view. They led [Name] to right in front of me then removed the blind fold covering her eyes. Tears welled up in her eyes, I had told her I would be coming a week from now. I smiled as she threw her arms around my neck, sobbing tears of joy.

          "Surprise and happy two-year anniversary," I whispered in her ear.

See heaven's got a plan for you. (Same day btw's)


            I got down on one knee and pulled out the small box.

          "Will you, [First Name] [Last Name], do me the honors of being my wife?"

          "Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!" She clung to my neck again as Max and Gilbert clapped in the back ground.

          'You were right Gilbert... Heaven did have a plan for me.'

Hey guys, I decided to put this up as another sorry for not posting sooner on my Germany x Reader series.

Link to Germany x Reader:

Bold: Me talking
'Italics with apostrophes': Character thoughts
Italics by themselves: Different language

[1]: This is the main name I have seen for Germania so I'm using it.
[2]: This is the main name I have seen for Hungary so I'm using it.

BTW's Max is my OC

Song- Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia

(P.s. I don't own Hetalia OR the song. All rights go to their owners)
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